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About Us


We are a Pan Asian asset management business with experience across a range of asset classes and specialist investment sectors. We manage investments on behalf of individual clients, institutional investors and pension funds, wholesale distributors and platforms, financial advisers and their clients.


Our specialist investment teams set their own investment philosophy and processes. They share a commitment to acting in our clients’ best interests and to generating long-term portfolio performance.


We place a high degree of focus on responsible investment.


We specialize in Japanese growth equity investment management.



We focus on Japanese stocks with earnings growing, which will be priced in eventually. And we believe that we can find growing companies even in the mature Japanese market. Through significant knowledge and experience, we evaluate quality and sustainability of earnings growth, and select stocks we can hold over a long-time horizon.

We place an emphasis on the following two growth categories.


Emerging Growth


Earnings Quality


Akanagi Group also provides investment management and advisory services for traditional and alternative investments including commodities, hedge funds, private equity and fund of funds investments.


Quality investment processes - Information management plan

We completed key components of our ESG Information Management Plan. As reported in previous years we have been working on integrating our external ESG research providers, ratings and research with investment and other systems.


We finalized the integration of Governance Ratings into our data warehouse. This is a significant step, allowing us to perform portfolio level analytics for our listed equity portfolios. This will be used to provide reporting to investment team heads, and the Investment Committee (IC) and ESG risk forum. In the future, it will also allow us to enhance client reporting.


The team has adopted various aspects of the strong ESG integration approach used by our global and Asian fixed income teams. In addition, the team's proprietary investment opinions database was rolled out across the broader Fixed Income team, enhancing the collaboration between the group and capturing ESG information and views for all our bond investments.


Engaged people - Diversity

Last year we reported the gender diversity of our investment professionals for the first time. A lack of diversity in all its forms, and most visibly gender diversity, has been a high-profile governance concern for companies for a number of years. It is appropriate that investors who are calling for more diverse boards and management should also be transparent about the diversity in their own organizations.


It stands to reason that if greater diversity in the companies we invest in will produce better corporate decision making and long-term outcomes for investors, the same must be true of diversity amongst teams of investment professionals.


The percentage of women in our investment teams remains steady at 25%, which falls short of where would like to be. We are committed to achieving an improvement to close the gap and are implementing a new program of initiatives to focus on this.


We believe this program of initiatives will over time enable us to attract the best people to ensure we have diversity of thought which we see as an important success criteria for any high-quality investment management firm. We also want everyone to feel that they can be authentic and perform to their full potential in an inclusive working environment. The program includes a focus on enabling different ways of working, support for new parents, focused development for women and the establishment of a Global Diversity Committee to review our progress in this space.



Our mission to shift the investment chain towards responsible, long-term value creation, such that economic, social and environmental sustainability are delivered as an outcome of the investment management process alongside robust, long-term investment returns'.


The group has been working towards the development of a toolkit for asset owners who wish to design investment strategies that can make a particularly strong contribution to this objective, or to assess the extent to which existing strategies contribute to it.


Investor Group on Climate Change - Disclosure working group

We have been following the developments in increasing levels of climate change disclosure, including changes to the law and other investor led initiatives. However, we have concerns with the way this disclosure has been provided by some investors, in particular where 'carbon footprints' have been provided without contextual information on how foot-printing influences investment decision making, or around limitations with the footprints themselves.


For this reason, we have agreed to lead a new working group with the objective of developing guidance for investor disclosures on climate change risk and carbon foot-printing.


Reporting improvements - climate change

We disclosed sector and country based ESG risk exposures for some teams, this year we are disclosing our fossil fuel exposures for most of our active equity teams. Most teams have also made a statement regarding its approach to managing climate change related risks in their profiles.