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We value what makes you unique

Be part of a company that thinks differently to solve problems, make progress, and deliver meaningful innovations.

At Akanagi Group, you’ll find a diverse team of innovators who bring their worldview, their unique backgrounds, and their individual life experiences to work every day. It’s no accident — we work hard to cultivate a workforce that reflects our patients and partners. We believe it’s the only way to drive healthcare forward and remain a global leader in medical technology and solutions.

Many organizations aspire to this kind of culture. We live it. We believe diversity is critical. It makes a difference in our capabilities, our thinking and ultimately the success of our company.


We have set aggressive goals to better reflect the global population both in gender and diverse ethnic representation at all levels of the company. We do this because we know greater diversity will benefit our business, our customers and our entire team.


Join us, and bring the power of your point of view to our culture of collaboration and innovation. It is through strong diversity, inclusion and engagement that we can remain a leader in medical technology and solutions. And by embracing everything you have to offer — your unique perspectives, talents and contributions — we can live up to the promise of our Mission.


Diversity. Inclusion. The key to innovation

At Akanagi Group, diversity, inclusion, and engagement aren’t just buzzwords — they’re instruments of innovation. Instruments that power the kind thinking that leads to solutions that truly transform healthcare. It’s a fact — when people from different cultures, genders, walks of life, and points of view come together, the quality of work improves exponentially and companies succeed and grow.

We attract and develop employees who are client-centric, passionate, driven and who represent the same wide variety of life experiences that our clients do. We invest in professional growth, and provide intentional development opportunities that help accelerate careers.

We seed our culture to foster inclusion, ignite confidence and build a sense of community so that all of our employees can grow and thrive. And to make sure the seeds we plant take root and grow, our managers are expected to ensure their team members are heard, their ideas cultivated and leveraged to make a difference.

We believe this is the best and only way to drive innovative solutions that deliver better investments to more clients worldwide.