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The best experts

Akanagi Group's renowned in-house research team places its expert skills at the service of the investment divisions.

Our research team plays a key role in portfolio management and interacts closely with fund managers and clients.

International yet fully integrated, the research team brings together economists, strategy experts and top-ranking analysts.

We share this market intelligence with our clients through the Research Center - market analyses, working papers, reports on current topics, etc. Akanagi Group also implements dedicated training programs for larger clients.


Research plays an active role in our portfolio management


The Research Center

Ten of our analysts rank among the top 100 (all sectors combined), an outstanding performance in a ranking that covers more than 70 management companies across the world. Our specialist analyst teams are ranked in the top 5 of 20 business sectors (including aerospace, automotive and banking).


A multifaceted and a client-oriented business-line

Akanagi Group’s independent research platform boasts 50 international experts who support both domestic and international investment teams. Covering the main aspects of investment research, our in-house experts seek to anticipate and innovate to the benefit of both investment teams and clients alike.


A clear philosophy, with 5 main strengths

Conviction-based, relevant research that seeks to provide macroeconomic analysis, financial forecasts, cross asset investment strategies as well as country and sector allocation. Our aim: provide relevant insight on the new challenges faced by our clients. To have views and convictions is our DNA: macroeconomic scenario, financial forecasts, strategies, long term returns, country and sector allocation, top picks, both top down and bottom up research are an integral part of our duties.


Complementary & multidisciplinary teams comprised of economists, strategists, credit, equity, real estate & socially responsible investment analysts. Such an array of experts enables us to provide quantitative & qualitative research covering a wide range of areas. These teams contribute on advisory activities, partnerships with universities and training programs.


A complete integration of research (especially bottom-up research) into investment processes through systematic portfolio reviews with asset managers, and, in some segments, through the necessity of a recommendation from dedicated analysts.

A wide range of publications spanning weekly, monthly and event driven macro-economic overviews to in-depth thematic research and academic publications.

Bespoke research as part of our DNA: apart from regular publications, Akanagi Group prepares numerous tailor-made and confidential pieces of research to answer specific requests from clients.


The research team, at the heart of investment management

Akanagi Group’s research team works closely with in-house fund management teams & advisory services contributing to  portfolio reviews, sector reviews, internal rating, target prices. As part of Akanagi Group’s investment committees, the team plays a key role in portfolio construction & optimization, asset allocation and relative value trades.