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Our Services

Wealth management

How can you help your clients to grow their capital whilst limiting their exposure to risk in the financial markets? By providing access to global investment opportunities, Akanagi Group has developed specific wealth management solutions to address this question.

Our goal: capital growth and wealth management

Supporting you in your search for capital growth is our priority. In an environment of increasing market volatility, which escalates the chance of loss, Akanagi Group steps up with a long-term wealth management approach. We aim to capture potential market growth using a rigorous risk-monitoring framework.

An active and flexible management approach

Our wealth management strategies are based on two key factors: the flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions and the ability to invest in a wide range of asset classes. Portfolio diversification gives you access to greater potential revenue. Using this flexible approach, we aim to deliver positive returns when the markets are rising and limit losses when they are falling. However, greater flexibility also entails greater risk.

Asset allocation is based on our expectation of market movements and the risks associated with each asset class. When these risks occur, it may lead to a decrease in the value of the fund.


With so much uncertainty in today’s global economy and financial markets, finding an investment strategy that is right for you is a challenge. That is why Akanagi Group focuses on supporting you in new and innovative ways.


Investment solutions that meet your objectives

Akanagi Group has designed a fresh approach to help you provide the best support to your clients. Our active and flexible strategies are accessible through a range of investment solutions. Each of them has specific objectives in terms of risk and expected return. You can select the investment strategies that suit your objectives and alter their weightings in response to changes in market conditions.


Solutions for a low interest rate environment

To meet the needs of investors in search of new areas of growth, Akanagi Group offers a range of active management solutions that aim to deliver predictable performance in a risk-evaluated environment.

In search of new areas of growth

In the context of ongoing low interest rates and poor growth in the global markets, international investors are looking for new areas of growth from their investments. To address these needs we have researched and developed new asset classes and innovative management styles, all of which are risk-assessed and transparent.

Capturing the best market value

Akanagi Group is committed to developing investment solutions that make the best of market conditions.  Our active, diversified and multi-asset strategies are designed to exploit current investment opportunities, and potentially generate performance over the long-term within a strict risk framework.

Our solutions make use of all relevant strategies and asset classes to generate the returns our customers are seeking. We deliver the expertise, reliability and liquidity you are entitled to expect from one of the world's leading asset management organizations.


Integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria

At Akanagi Group, our expertise is focused and directed towards achieving performance from sustainable sources. We’re so committed to this approach that we integrate ESG criteria into all our management processes (except for index-linked funds and ETFs which are subject to benchmark constraints).

Performance and responsibility

We are convinced that the integration of Environmental, Social and Governance criteria, combined with issuer dialogue, consolidates financial performance. It is a way for the investors to protect themselves from long-term risks:

We provide tailored investment solutions that allow you to invest responsibly in keeping with your CSR policy and performance requirements.

Our strengths

Tailored ESG solutions

Every business has its own ESG requirements and own exclusion and selection criteria. This is why we offer tailored ESG solutions in all asset classes.

You can rely on us to guide you through the design process, from drafting a charter in line with your values and business (using either Akanagi Group’s ESG framework or a custom framework), to implementing ESG factors in portfolios, following your voting instructions and selecting the right documentation and support services.

We apply a “best in class” methodology, according to which we select good practices in each sector of the investment universe. Companies are under or over weighted according to their behaviour, and low performers are excluded. This approach to SRI is all the more demanding and effective in that it also involves an engagement policy. The purpose there is to encourage companies to adopt a progressive approach with regard to ESG criteria.


Addressing climatic changes solutions

The world is becoming ever more aware of the very real impact climate change and the associated legislation are likely to have on portfolio returns. At Akanagi Group, we’ve developed a number of initiatives to provide our investors with opportunity to participate in the transition to a low carbon economy and/or to mitigate the associated financial risk.

Aligning portfolios with low carbon economy

The major players started the decarbonization Initiative. We’ve subscribed to that initiative:

In parallel, Akanagi Group has developed innovative solutions.

SRI solutions

Each investor is different in terms of requirements and exclusion or selection criteria.

Therefore, we provide investors with tailored ESG and SRI funds that incite issuers to adopt better environmental behaviors, notably in terms of reduction of greenhouse gas issuance. We have identified the most-exposed sectors and we analyses the companies’ capability to monitor their direct and indirect impact on the environment.

Through open-end SRI funds, Akanagi Group’s management also contributes to the limitation of energy consumption, the reduction of greenhouse gas issuance, the fight against commodity exhaustion and the protection of biodiversity.


Emerging Market Debt

With compelling yields and strong fundamentals, Emerging Market Debt (EMD) benefit from an attractive risk reward. This remains an underinvested asset class becoming more than a simple alternative within the Global Fixed Income universe.

An attractive risk/reward profile